Judy Moody Declares Independence (Paperback)

"This delightful book will inspire children to write their own declarations of independence complete with ‘alien’ rights and the ‘purse’ of happiness." — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

Hear ye! Hear ye! Everyone knows that Judy Moody has a mood for every occasion, and now a visit to Boston has put her in a revolutionary frame of mind! Unfortunately, a protest for more allowance in the form of a Boston Tub Party only has her dad reading the riot act. But luckily a crisis involving her brother, Stink, allows Judy to show her courageous quick thinking — and prove her independence after all!
Megan McDonald is the author of the awardwinning JUDY MOODY, JUDY MOODY GETS FAMOUS!, JUDY MOODY SAVES THE WORLD!, JUDY MOODY PREDICTS THE FUTURE, and JUDY MOODY, M.D.: THE DOCTOR IS IN! She says, "Judy is already an independent thinker, and so it was natural that she would write her own Declaration of Independence — declaring independence from brushing her hair, little brothers, and bedtime. When writing JUDY MOODY DECLARES INDEPENDENCE, I walked the Freedom Trail with my editor one snappy-cold October day and filled myself up with Revolutionary history. And guess what? There really is a musical toilet! No lie!"

Peter H. Reynolds is the illustrator of all six Judy Moody books. He says, "My work with children in the past twenty years has very much been around the theme of self-determination. JUDY MOODY DECLARES INDEPENDENCE is about exactly that — learning how to think for oneself. This newest Judy-jaunt is a tribute to the independent spirits we hope to inspire, and her antics are sure to get readers in a mood to celebrate original thinking. I love Judy's feisty and creative spirit. She and her friends are like family to me now."
Product Details ISBN: 9780763628000
Publisher: Candlewick
Publication Date: February 13th, 2007
Pages: 160
Series: Judy Moody
Fans get a history lesson delivered with humor, as Judy petitions for her own freedoms — such as more allowance.
—Publishers Weekly

Fans can cheer 'Huzzah! Huzzah!' for Judy as she connects history with her own story.
—San Francisco Chronicle

Judy's petitioning for parental concessions will spark recognition in many readers, and in both McDonald's charismatic narrative and Reynolds' line drawings, the characterization of a dauntless, endearingly notional third-grader is as spot-on as ever.

INDEPENDENCE is good for curricular ties to social studies units, and McDonald does a great job of transforming the concepts into familiar concerns. Read aloud or alone, this delightful book will inspire children to write their own declarations of independence.
—School Library Journal

Illustrator Peter H. Reynolds portrays Judy’s spunk, and McDonald tells a story that not only offers a fun, fictional heroine, but also admirably introduces a real female heroine from the time of the American Revolution.
—Connecticut Family