Motherhood: Empire of Lost Toys and Mismatched Socks (Paperback)

Motherhood: Empire of Lost Toys and Mismatched Socks By Dominique M. Snedeker Cover Image

Motherhood: Empire of Lost Toys and Mismatched Socks (Paperback)


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For fans of Bunmi Laditan, "Dear Mother" and John Kenney, "Love Poems for Married People"

From the author of "Motherhood: The Crucible of Love," and "cold. Untamed Beauty" comes a work of brutally honest maternal expression. In "Motherhood: Empire of Lost Toys and Mismatched Socks," Dominique M. Snedeker exposes the vulnerabilities of parenting elementary school-age children. Not only is it a difficult time for the kids themselves now maneuvering in a social world outside of home, but it is a time when parents might not have all the right answers, when personal growth must surpass the speed of the children's maturation. Throughout her work, Snedeker creates a poetic, often humorous vocabulary for those who struggle to name or articulate their own fluctuating emotions. From missing her younger mom-self, to falling asleep while checking off tasks, to yodeling children in from play, she ultimately finds the secret, in the end, which fuels the daily struggle. You'll find in this work a reflection of your worst and best moments, when you push through all the emotional clutter and overstimulation to find joy in the chaos of parenting.

From the back cover:

Sideways days-

Everything falling out of cabinets;

My thoughts spilling like the milk

Accidentally batted over, now

Seeping through the brand-new tablecloth-

While once again,

Disgruntled children queue before me

As if I were a type of Solomon,

With some kind of useful answers-

Days, weeks, months-who knows?

Pass with each breath as I count to ten,

Soothing myself;

Finally, I look at their expectant faces

Awaiting the answer to an unheard question.

Instead of responding, I pull them into

A mamma bear hug, squeezing my eyes tight-

Trying not to cry.

Strong young arms wrap around me,

Still, for now, seeking comfort-

And although I can't fix everything,

Right now-maybe ever,

I'll just hold them for a little while

As they grow under my embrace.

I miss them,

Even while they're still here.

From the Publisher:

Dominique M. Snedeker bravely examines the emotional depths of parenting active children. As a mom myself, I found her expressions an authentic voice, neither gilding nor corroding the maternal experience. Although this is written from the "mother" perspective, the experience is true for anyone who has daily contact and investment in children. Not only do they overwhelm you with questions, comments, fidgeting and as Dominique puts it, "noise," but they fill you with joy as you watch them discover their world and themselves. We at Hear Our Voice Publishing love that Dominique pens our experiences in such a way that we can either relive them or have our experiences validated. We hope you will see some of yourself as you read, "Motherhood: Empire of Lost Toys and Mismatched Socks."

"There are quite a few times after reading a poem that I thought, Yeah, I remember those days, and would laugh out loud remembering." - Tasha Schiedel, Mother of two girls

Product Details ISBN: 9781957913414
ISBN-10: 195791341X
Publisher: Hear Our Voice LLC
Publication Date: March 21st, 2023
Pages: 274
Language: English