Writing Group

From Writing Group host Buddy Walker:

This is not a class.  The only credit is to yourself: for finally taking that step towards conveying to others what you alone can imagine.  The purpose of this gathering is to promote creative writing.  We hope to meet weekly as a small, open-minded group and produce works of our own genius.   In a guided format, the moments spent together will be productive: sharing talent with like-minded people who possess a passion if not a mild curiosity about writing.  We will experience hands-on writing with on-the-spot results, dabbling in many styles: prose, poetry, storytelling, song lyrics, essays, journaling, scripts, graphic narrative and more.  It’s all about putting down and capturing for tomorrow…what’s been on your mind, in your heart for quite awhile.  Come have some creative fun as you discover and share your talent with others!


March 5th: A Pix Worth 1K of Em-write one paragraph in YOUR STYLE, expressing what you see in this picture

March 12th: UR A Poet and Didn’t Know It-write a poem (share samples: classics, haiku, beatnik, etc)

March 19th: A Play on Words-write an excerpt from a scene script (stage play, teleplay, screenplay…Play!)

March 26th: Once Upon A Time: Tell The Story-write one narrative paragraph (BIO, fiction, urban legend, etc)

April 2nd: Your Words…My Music-write a song (country, rap, pop…etc) Then label for musician: Feeling is ?

April 16th: Dear Diary-explore journaling (secret codes, personal reflection, deep questions, private honesty)

April 23rd: Super Scribbler-write a comic book plot summary (and storyboard suggestions for artist to draw it)

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Sunday, March 26, 2023 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
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