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The variety of genre's in our local interest section is as varied as the unique interests of the people who live in our community!

Midwest and Minot authors bring us an array of fascinating subjects, from the great Scandinavian Immigration to contemporary children's picture books, to personal memoirs of great blizzards and ancestor's whose work ethic's were unsurpassed.

 We love this community and it is our goal that our local selection reflect that love and appreciation of not only the artists and authors that were gleaned upon the plains of the midwest, but also the history and events that have shaped us to who we are today.

An evocative and inspiring memoir of a vibrant rural North Dakota

Growing up in Westhope, North Dakota, during the 1960s and 1970s, Dean Hulse was surrounded by a thriving agricultural community. Family farms were the backbone of the local economy, and the small businesses lining the town’s main street provided the essentials of daily life. Since that time the small towns of the Great Northern Plains have witnessed severe economic decline as family farms have gradually been replaced by industrial agriculture.

In Westhope: Life as a Former Farm Boy, Hulse recalls his idyllic childhood and adolescence in a small town that will look and feel familiar to many and movingly describes his failed attempt to carry on the family farm. Like many of his generation, Hulse discovers that the way of life he grew up with—one led by his parents and his grandparents before them—is threatened with extinction. Through a loosely chronological series of highly personal essays, Hulse delivers a strong critique of the destructive, shortsighted agricultural practices and economic policies that have led to rural depopulation throughout the Great Plains.

Ghosts of North Dakota Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780989096928
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Published: Sonic Tremor Media - October 31st, 2013

Ghosts of North Dakota, Volume 2 is an 88 page, hardcover, full-color book featuring some of the best photos from the Ghosts of North Dakota project — photos of ghost towns, near-ghost towns, and abandoned places across the state of North Dakota, plus comments from the photographers, historical tidbits, and more.  Places in this book include Manfred, Sims, Medora, Brantford, the North Dakota Badlands, Bantry, Lucca, Minot Air Force Station, and much more.

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2012 National Noteable Award from American Library Association

Sundogs and Sunflowers: Folklore and Folk Art of the Northern Great Plains is a groundbreaking compilation thirty years in the making celebrating the proud folk heritage of the Northern Great Plains. Published by the North Dakota Council on the Arts (NDCA), it is compiled and edited by North Dakota State University Professor Emeritus Dr. Timothy J. Kloberdanz and NDCA folklorist Troyd A. Geist.

Published collections of North American folkways seldom include folklore texts or representative traditions from the Great Plains region. Invariably, much attention is given to such areas of the country as New England, Appalachia, the Ozarks, and the Deep South. Duncan Emrich’s Folklore on the American Land, for example, runs more than 700 pages but other than for a few black-and-white photographs taken in the 1930s and 1940s, it is nearly impossible to find folklore examples from the northern plains.

Sundogs and Sunflowers is a large-size, fully-illustrated book devoted to the folklore and folk art of the Northern Great Plains (North Dakota, South Dakota, western Minnesota, eastern Montana, northeastern Wyoming, and the prairie areas of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.) There are 10 chapters in the book and more than 1,000 examples of folklore and folk art are included. In addition, there are more than 300 images (many of them in color.)

The diverse traditions of many different ethnic and occupational groups are represented but the book is especially rich in examples drawn from German-Russian settlement areas of the Northern Great Plains. This is as it should be, since the Germans from Russia comprise one of the largest and most visible ethnic groups in the region. Here is but a small sampling of German-Russian folklore and folk art that can be found within the 350+ pages of Sundogs and Sunflowers:



Visions of the Prairie: My North Dakota Journey

David’s new book is a complete compendium of his most beautiful and moving images of the last 20 years. Journey across the back roads of North Dakota as seen through the lens of North Dakota photographer, David Paukert. Visit prairie churches, farmsteads, school houses and small towns that define the rich heritage of North Dakota’s people.

David’s book also includes lovely poetry which accompanies many photos by North Dakota farmer and poet, Terry Jacobsen. Many stories and thoughts about the photos, written by David help you understand the changing landscape and location of the prairie icons. A map of North Dakota and its counties is included in the back so you can easily locate David’s landmarks.

A Prairie Year: Messages to Max Cover Image
By George Rohde (Photographer)
ISBN: 9781591521266
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Published: Sweetgrass Books - April 2014

A Prairie Year: Messages to Max” by George Rohde. The life’s work of late local photographer George Rohde, this collection of enchanting wildlife photography opens a window to a Northern Prairie seldom seen by its human residents. 

Blue Jesus Cover Image
ISBN: 9780989967723
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Published: High Plains Creole Press - November 18th, 2014

Poems by local musician, artist, Minot State University instructor Rick Watson. Buy the book, sign up for one of his classes or you can even catch him at a local open mic on Friday night. A truly local artist with a wonderful collection of poetry.

15 Months of Winter: My Year in North Dakota Cover Image
ISBN: 9780615938813
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Published: Melicrate Press - February 8th, 2014

John Bayer reflects on his year after moving to North Dakota from Los Angeles; his random thoughts, notes, pictures and writings about the most "not Los Angeles" place in the world.

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A curiously quizzical and categorically quirky interpretation of the feline world, through the eyes and camera of Nancy Hendrickson. The first entrepreneur of dressing up cats in outfits, these photos were taken in the 1920's by the creative early settler!