mainstreetbooks... Thu, 12/08/2011 - 7:47pm


(In Reference to Amazon Paying Shoppers to USE Main Street as a Showroom on Saturday Dec. 10)


Today, you have a choice. You can shop here, (naked and barefoot and with your pet toy poodle if you want) and pay sales tax and support your local economy or you can shop an out-of -state on-line retailer that doesn’t support or care about your local economy or community. BUT, one choice we will NOT ALLOW AT MAIN STREET BOOKS IS YOUR CHOICE TO BRING IN YOUR AMAZON Price comparison APP AND USE IT to compare prices and then get paid NOT TO BUY HERE but TO purchase from AMAZON. WE ARE NOT A SHOWROOM FOR AMAZON. If AMAZON wants to pay you $5 FOR YOU NOT TO PURCHASE FROM US -- it JUST means that our MESSAGE to SHOP SMALL is WORKING against their own CORPORATE GREED and EFFORTS to close down your favorite local businesses . . .

More people are EMBRACING the SHOP LOCAL message. INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORES have seen a MARKED growth. People are making their choice and are starting to UNDERSTAND the Price our country is paying for CHEAP (aka Amazon).

Today, you still have a choice. SHOP LOCAL and support the community you LOVE or let GIANT corporations like AMAZON drive your shopping habits to the point that there are no MORE choices and NO MORE LOCAL to SHOP