Trade Your Used Books for Store Credit!

How it works:

1. Bring your books to our back counter Mon.-Sat. from 11am to 3pm (events may affect these times. check our events page and call ahead on event days)! Depending on how busy we are we will let you know how long it will take us to value your books. During this time feel free to shop or leave the store as long as you return the same day to retrieve your credit. Please do not bring more than 25 books in a day for this program. 

2. We will sort through your books – checking their condition, age, our stock, and sales history of the author (s) and titles. Books we can accept we willl often sell at half the original retail price, and we will give half of that back to you. So if you bring us a nice book that was $20 originally, we would sell it for $10, and give you $5 store credit for it. We do not pay cash or in check for your books, we pay in store credit only.

3. Your credit will be waiting at the cash register for you. Feel free to shop the same day or we can put your credit on a gift card that never expires. Your credit is good on anything in the store - but can only be used for half your purchase at a time. 

4. The books we can’t give store credit for can be donated to our regular used book section, or you can donate them to a local library or school.

What We Don’t Accept:

We will accept only good, clean, odor-free like-new condition books.

1. No underlining or highlighting. Books must be free of marks and clean clean clean!

2. No smoke or pet odors. We want them to smell like books smell.

3. Paperbacks should have no creases . No broken or cracked spines. If books came with a dust-jacket, they should still have the dust jacket.

4. Certain books become dated quickly, e.g. travel guides, test prep, software or hardware, textbooks, business and political books—unless published with the past year we will not accept them. Contemporary (excluding classic or literary) fiction over two years old we may not accept.

5. We also don’t accept: Hardcover Book-of-the-Month Book Club editions, self-published books**, library books, magazines, encyclopedias, Readers’ Digest condensed books, VHS takes, DVD’s and CD’s.

If you have any other questions not answered here, give us a call at 701-839-4050.

**if you have self published a book yourself and are interested in us carrying it, stop in the store Tuesday-Friday from 10am-4pm or call us at 701-839-4050.

Examples of accepted books for trade: