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Still The Coziest Spot in Town!

Main Street Books is now in our 3rd location -- and our favorite, although the first two made for pretty awesome bookstores also. Only the first one I think may have been full of black mold because things leaked a lot and the bathroom smelled funny. The second location was pretty dark and also leaked a bit in the back room where the used books are. Oh, and there was that time that it really rained hard and the wind was blowing straight east that we had a river running under our back seating area in the middle of an event. NOT GOOD! Books and water don't mix unless it's a kindle book and then they mix really well. Hmmm . . . but now we own our building and so we basically pay rent to our second business, the apartment rental business. Not bad for a junior college dropout. I did go back to college and graduated as a single mom with three kids with a degree in English and a minor in business. Anyway, love my life, love my community, I just started a Local 1st Minot organization (am a founding member) and know the names of most my grandkids most days and do fun things once in a while. Like, I find time to drink water and workout  but many days lately (as I write this it is the holiday season) I forget my vitamin D and Calcium and multi-vitamins and probiotic and eat chips with salsa way too late in the day and wake up feeling bloated and crappy. Anyway, again . . . I have great friends and am surrounded by love. Just want to say keep shopping local. Keep Minot alive and thriving and unique. We ARE more than a face on the map. We are a community full of businesses that are (thankfully) as unique as the people who run them.